Marketing Cloud Integration setup guide

In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up the Salesforce for MessageBird Marketing Cloud application.

This guide will walk you through the entire process — if you need any help, feel free to contact our Support team, we're here for you.


  • Have access to the SMS and WhatsApp Business channels.

  • Own an active Salesforce Marketing Cloud license and account (Salesforce Pro + Journey Builder or higher) — as Salesforce for MessageBird is not a Salesforce license.

  • Your account must contain the following components depending on the requested package:

    • Journey Builder activities package: requires an enabled Journey Builder component within the SFMC account.

    • Batch sending engagement package: requires an enabled Email Studio component within the SFMC account.

How to get the app

  • Choose MessageBird for Salesforce: Omnichannel Customer Engagement.

  • On the purchase page of the app, tap Get Now in the top-right of your screen to purchase the app from AppExchange and start the installation of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

  • A pop-up will open regarding terms and conditions to agree with before being able to install the app in the SFMC account. Mark the agreement checkbox and tap Install from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to continue.

  • After clicking on the install button:

    • If you’re not logged into your Marketing Cloud account, AppExchange will first ask you to log in. Make sure you have the right administrator permissions to install the app.

    • If you’re already logged into the Marketing Cloud account, you’ll be redirected directly to the Installed Packages view under Setup in Marketing Cloud.

  • Awesome! You’re now on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud page. Tap Install in the top-right of your screen to install the Journey Builder activities package in your SFMC account.

  • Done? You’ll now be able to define access for this package, that is, in which Business Units the users in the SFMC account are able to use this package. This could vary from one specific Business Unit to all Business Units within the account.

  • Now that the package has been installed, you need to complete the settings to connect your MessageBird account to your SFMC account.

  • Let’s complete the settings. Go to AppExchange on the main navigation and, select MessageBird (Demo), click the Admin Settings blue button.

  • This will take you to the actual settings page, you need to update the information to connect your MessageBird Account with the installed package. Keep in mind that you must be a Marketing Cloud Administrator in SFMC to be able to update the settings.

  1. All your MessageBird access keys can be found in the Developer section of your MessageBird Dashboard.

  2. The MID is the license ID you have for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  3. The MessageBird WhatsApp Namespace can be found at your WhatsApp Business Account profile. If this was done by the MessageBird team, our Service Delivery team will help you find this code.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully installed MessageBird for Salesforce. Go to Journey Builder in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud to start creating the journeys for your new MessageBird SMS and WhatsApp activities — simply return to the main page by clicking on the blue Salesforce cloud icon, hit Journey Builder from the top bar, and choose Journey Builder from the drop-down menu.

Need help setting up Journey Builder? Check our Help Center guide.

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