Using WhatsApp rich-media templates

This article explains how to use rich-media templates for the WhatsApp step in Journey Builder.

Please note, you can only send images or documents using rich media templates.

Please follow these steps to use WhatsApp rich-media templates in your journey:

  1. Click on the MB - WhatApp Send icon on the left and drag and drop it in the journey. The following window will pop up:

  2. Choose the Channel, a (rich-media) Template, and Language.

  3. Choose the relevant field for the Recipient dropdown. You can choose a field from your Data Extension (or another entry source) that contains the phone numbers.

  4. Click "Next" button to go to the "Set Variables" screen.

  5. Enter the URL to the image or file you want to use in the message in the "Image Url" field.

  6. Choose relevant fields for variable fields. You can optionally set default values for variables.

  7. Click the "Next" button to go to the "Confirm" screen.

  8. Preview the details and click the "Done" button to complete the step setup.

  9. When you are ready, activate the journey to send the template to contacts.

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