API IssuesCannot find templates submitted via Facebook Business ManagerDeveloper logs and errorsError code when sending a WhatsApp Template Message via APIFailed PaymentsHow to delete orders and invoicesI am having login or authentication issues with the Old APII am missing my delivery reportsI am not receiving notifications for Inbox ticketsI am receiving an error 500 in my dashboardI can't initiate a conversation with a customerI cannot add my VAT numberI cannot see the WhatsApp message in InboxI did not receive an SMS when trying to claim free test creditsI did not receive my account activation emailI don't see the Verify codes in my dashboardI have launched my GBM but I do not see a ‘Message’ buttonI have limited messaging options in my dashboardI see an unknown item on my bank statement from MessageBirdMissing HLR resultsMy OTP codes sent via Email are getting in the spam folderMy WhatsApp Business API application is not approvedMy WhatsApp Message Template is not sendingMy automatic subscription charge was unsuccessfulMy end users are not receiving their codesMy template application has been rejectedOne of my agents has left the companySMS errors & error codesThe Email channel is not working for my Verify requestsThe owner of my Workspace is no longer with the companyTickets not showing up in InboxWhat is the "quality rating" of a WhatsApp channel?WhatsApp Account policy violations and enforcementWhatsApp: Messaging Limits and Tier systemWhatsApp: Returning to the mobile appWhere can I find my MessageBird Workspace ID?Whitelist MessageBird's IP addresses

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