Setting up Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows you to send messages directly from your email to the mobile phones of your contacts. Below we will take you through the steps to set your account up for sending Email to SMS.

If you want to know how to send Email to SMS, please check here: Sending Email to SMS If you want to know how to receive Email to SMS, please check here: Receiving Email to SMS

Step one: Go to your Email to SMS settings

The first thing is to configure the email address that you are going to send from. Click on your username in the top right corner of your dashboard followed by 'Settings'. Go to the 'Email to SMS' tab.

Step two: Add your email address

Click on ‘+Email’ on the top right and enter the email address you would like to send from. You can add as many emails as you would like.

When you have added an email address, the email and domain will be added to your Email to SMS settings.

Step three: Edit your settings

In this step, you will configure the settings for your Email to SMS setup. You can set up the configuration on domain level, but you can also set this up individually per email. You can edit the settings by clicking on the notepad next to the email or domain. Below we provide further information on each setting:

  • Default originator: If you would like to have the same originator every time, you can select this as an option and enter the originator. If you do not fill in an originator, you will need to provide this when sending your Email to us.

  • SMS in the subject: The text in the email subject line will be sent as the body of the SMS. This is only possible if you have entered a default originator.

  • Allow Unicode: Unicode allows the sending of SMS with special characters, as it uses a different character set than regular SMS. You can read more here about using special characters and your options: Special characters

  • DLR status: Choose whether you want to receive a status report and which report you would like to receive.

  • DLR email address/ Error email address: Specify to which email address you would like to receive status/error reports.

  • Voice or SMS Message: Let us know if you want to send SMS or Voice messages from this particular email/domain.

Domain settings

You can set up configurations on domain level by clicking on the notepad on the right side next to the domain name. When you edit on domain level, the settings will apply to all email addresses with that domain name. In the screenshot above, the domain name is ''.

Email settings

You may want to set up different configurations for some email addresses in your company. For instance, your finance team may want to send SMS from a different name as your support department. You can manage this by using different email settings for each linked email address.

Step four: Create your access key

Go to your developers page to set up a live access key. You can navigate there by clicking on 'Developers' followed by 'API-access', or by clicking here. Press '+ Add access key' to create a new key.

Give your access key a description, for instance 'EmailSMS', and choose 'live' for the key type. Press 'Add' to create the access key for your account. You don't need to do anything with the key besides create it.

Now you’re ready to send the message from your email account! Check our article here for the next steps: Sending Email to SMS

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