I am having trouble setting up Email to SMS

Full instructions on how to set up your Email to SMS can be found here: Email to SMS in just 4 easy steps

If you are encountering issues during the setup for Email to SMS, we have listed a few points below that you can check yourself:

The basics

To set up Email to SMS, you must have a valid and correct email address. If you are experiencing issues while entering your email, please check for any typos and see that the right domain was used.

Type of email address

Please note you should use your own email address or domain when setting up Email to SMS. If you would like to forward incoming emails from a service, we cannot guarantee that no one else will also forward from that service. You will get an error that the email address is in use already if this is the case. Generally, we advise against using generic email addresses.

IP Whitelisting

The IP address whitelist should only be used if you are maintaining your own mail servers and if you want to limit sending Email to SMS from specific IP Addresses. If you do not have such requirements, we advise not to add your internal IP address to the whitelist.

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