My Email to SMS did not deliver

Did your recipient report that that they did not receive your SMS? There are a few things that we can check to try to resolve this issue. First, please check if you see the SMS in your SMS Overview in your Dashboard.

This article will help you if you encounter any of the following issues:

I see the SMS in the SMS Overview

If the SMS is showing in your SMS overview, this means that your email reached our platform, we were able to convert it and to send it as an SMS. In this case, the issue might be related to the mobile phone of the customer. Please see this article for troubleshooting undelivered SMS, and how to reach out to us if you cannot resolve the issue: My SMS was not delivered

I do not see the SMS in the SMS Overview

If the SMS does not appear in your SMS overview, this means that your email did not reach our platform. This can be due to multiple factors. Please check the following:


Did you configure Email to SMS correctly in your dashboard? Before you can start using the service, you should make sure your email is registered and you've gone through a few steps. Instructions for setting up Email to SMS can be found here: Email to SMS in just 4 easy steps


Does your email contain a signature? Including your email signature can sometimes cause issues, such as exceeding the maximum length of an SMS. You can learn how to exclude your signature here: Editing 'Email to SMS message' body

A few other things to check

  • Did you format your number correctly? Please check our article here for more information: Numbers format

  • Do you have a firewall set up? Please make sure your emails are getting through and the firewall is not causing any issues

  • Do you have enough balance in your account? You should make sure that you have enough balance to send our your messages, unless your contract specifies otherwise.

  • How long is your SMS? If it is longer than 1377 characters it won't be sent, read more here: How long can an SMS message be?

Still having issues?

If you still encounter issues, we can investigate this further. Please submit a request with the following info:

  • At least two affected recipient numbers (we welcome more samples too!)

  • Date and timestamps (including time zone) when the messages were sent

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