Sending Email to SMS to a group does not work

Have you sent messages to a group via Email to SMS but you're encountering some issues?

This article will help you if you run into any of the following problems:

A few recipients received your message

If a few of your recipients received your message, but others did not, the Email to SMS functionality is working well but there seem to be some SMS delivery issues at play. In this case, we recommend following our SMS delivery troubleshooting steps as described here: My SMS was not delivered

None of the recipients received your message

If none of your recipients in the group have received your SMS, there is likely something wrong with the Email to SMS functionality. To check if your email has been correctly received by our platform, you can check the SMS overview.

If you do not see your message in the SMS overview, something went wrong with your Email to SMS requests. You can check the following:

  • Does the group exist in your MessageBird contact list? To send to a group successfully, you must first create a group. You can read more information here: Create a Group

  • Did you use the following recipient format: <groupname>

  • Did you put the recipients in BCC? We currently do not support recipients in BCC and would urge you to put all recipients as the main recipient of the email.

Still having issues?

If you still encounter issues, reach out to Support by submitting a request with the following information:

  • Recipients' numbers (or group name, if whole group is affected)

  • Date and time stamp the Email to SMS was sent

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