Benefits of Programmable Conversations

Increase customer engagement

People intuitively switch between different apps and communication channels when talking to family and friends. With Programmable Conversations, you will get the same flexibility in your business communications. Having the entire conversation history at your fingertips will improve the customer experience by cutting agent response times and streamline workflows. You’ll be readily available to your customers so you can focus on what you do best: delivering great content.

Optimize your chat experience

Programmable conversations will give your customer-facing teams the full context whenever they engage with a customer. All messages and channel preferences are loaded into your own software with one single API. Programmable Conversations helps sync a customer’s conversation history so that no matter the channel, all the context appears in one, seamless thread, that is, you can create a single customer profile that stores every channel a customer have contacted you on. This puts the entire conversation history at your teams’ fingertips, cutting response times and streamlining workflows. Save developer resources

Building and maintaining connections to separate communication channels like WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger is complex, time-consuming and costly. Adding a new channel requires integrating a whole new API. Programmable Conversations gives you access to the world’s most popular channels with a single API. You only have to integrate our API, and you’ve got full omni-channel communication capabilities.

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