How does Zendesk integration work?

There are some great features you can use inside Zendesk after integrating it with Toky. To enable Zendesk integration please read this article

Click to call inside Zendesk

You will see a Toky icon next to customer phone numbers, when you click on it a Toky dial pad will be opened and you can call that contact directly.

You can also send SMS if the number belongs to a mobile phone, you need an SMS-enabled phone number in Toky to do so.

Call data automatically logged into Zendesk

Every inbound or outbound call, SMS, missed calls and voicemails will be logged into Zendesk automatically.

Every Toky event will be recorded as an internal note within Zendesk and assigned to the identified customer.

Inbound and outbound calls will have basic information and a link to the call recording

Toky will also log SMS activity

Reply to SMS generated tickets using text messages

If you have enabled the ticket creation using SMS, every time an SMS is sent to one of your phone numbers, a new ticket will be created in Zendesk. If you make a Public reply to the ticket, the system will send an SMS to your customer using Toky, so you can continue the conversation without leaving Zendesk.

To enable this feature you must follow the steps explained in this article

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