Integrate Toky Dialer to Salesforce Classic

There are two types of integrations of Toky with Salesforce:

  1. To create call tasks associated with leads and contacts. Note: with this integrations you cannot receive or make calls within Salesforce.

  2. To make and receive calls within Salesforce, please continue with the steps below.

This tutorial is to connect Toky to Salesforce as a Console App, to be able to make and receive calls within Salesforce. Console is only available in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions. Note: If you want to also log every call (as Task) automatically into Salesforce use this tutorial.

  • Start by logging in to your Salesforce account here.

  • Before creating the console app for Toky, please check that you have Permission Set Licenses for Sales Console User. Go to Company Profile -> Company Information.

  • Under the Permission Set Licenses, look for Sales Console User, to see how many licenses are available.

  • After checking that you have enough licenses, go to Quick Find, search for "apps" (no need to press <enter>).

  • If you can't find Quick Find, click on Setup in the top menu bar at the righthand side, and repeat the step above.

  • After searching for "apps", click on Add App.

    • You will notice the App Quick Start dialog, but we don't need it. Close it to continue.1`

  • Locate and click on the New button.

  • In New Custom App, select Console and click on Next. If you can't find Console, you may not have the license to connect Salesforce to third-party apps. If that's the case, please contact our support team.

  • In Step 2, enter "Toky Console App" as App Label, and "Toky_Console_App" as App Name. Click Next to continue.

  • In Step 3 you can select an icon for the app, or just click Next to continue.

  • In Step 4, select at least the following tabs: accounts, contacts, cases and leads. Click Next afterwards.

9. In Step 5, there's nothing to be changed. Click Next to continue_._

10. In Step 6, select all profiles unless you have some special restrictions. Click Save to continue.

  • If everything went fine. the Toky Console App should be listed in the Apps view now.

Installing Open CTI Integration

To continue with the integration:

  • Download the Toky CTI Integration configuration file from here. It's and XML (text) file that will look similar to this:

  • Login to your Salesforce account (you must have administrator permissions).

  • Go to Setup.

  • On the lefthand panel, in Quick Find, search for "call centers", then click on Call Centers.

  • If the Get Started page shows, just Continue.

  • In All Call Centers page, click on Import

  • In the Call Center Import page, select the call center definition file (XML file) you downloaded before and click on Import.

  • You should see a page like the following after the importation finished. You will now need to add the users who can use this app. Click on Manage Call Center Users and add the ones with access to this app.

  • After a successful installation of the Toky Console App and Toky CTI Integration, you can now access it using the top righthand menu.

  • Optional: If the user cannot see the Toky Console App option, check the Permission Set Assignment and Permission Set License Assignment of the user. Go to Administer -> Manage User -> Users and select the User to set the Permissions.

  • Make sure the user have in Permission Set Assignments, Salesforce Console User.

  • Also, make sure the user have checked Sales Console User in Permission Set License Assignments.

  • Log in to Toky and start making/receiving calls ☺️.

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