Change data connector parameters in Google Data Studio

Toky Data Studio connector has some parameters you can change after creating a report or copy an existing one for another analysis:

  • Report Timezone GMT

  • Working time starting hour

  • Working time ending hour

  • Number of days back to load in the report

To change these parameters on an existing report you must follow these steps:

1. Click on the Edit button

2. Click on the Manage data sources option in the Resource menu

3. Find the Toky Calls Data source and click on Edit

4. The connectors field list is loaded, you must click on the Edit connection option

5. The connector's parameters are displayed with current values. Change the parameters you want.

6. Click on Reconnect

7. The process will validate if the connector has new fields. Click on Apply\

8. Click on Done\

Now the report will load data with the new parameters.

If you want to know more about Toky Data Studio connector you can read this article

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