Create call Tasks associated with Leads and Contacts using Salesforce Lightning

To begin this process in creating call tasks using Salesforce Lighting, make sure of the following:

  • The Salesforce user creating the integrations is admin or has API access rights.

  • That your Salesforce Edition has the API access enabled. Read more here.

  • You've enabled the field Type on the Task object in Salesforce. This field is very important to mark the task as a call. To check if you are allowed, go to: Gear icon > Setup > Object Manager > Task > Field & Relationship

Inside Type you should see something like this. If not, edit and create a new value Call:

Last, click on Set Field-Level Security and make sure Visible is checked, as shown below:

To start the integration, first create your Consumer Key and Secret

You will need to be logged in as a System Administrator in Salesforce to access these settings.

1. Go to Setup

2. In Quick Search, type Apps and Click in App Manager

3. In App Manager, click on New Connected App

4. Fill in the form with this data:

  • Connected App Name: "toky_app"

  • API Name= toky_app

  • Contact email

5. Click the checkbox to enable OAuth settings.

6. After saving, it will take you to the newly created app information page. This page will have the Consumer Secret and Consumer Key which will be used in the Salesforce integration page inside Toky. Please copy that information to use it in Toky.

7. Before finishing, please check the OAuth Policies of the app. To check this, click on Manage. This should take you to a page to edit Policies

8. Click on Edit Policies and check that the following values are set:

  • Permitted Users: All users may self-authorize

  • IP Relaxation: Relax IP restrictions.

  • Refresh Token Policy: Refresh token is valid until revoked.

If you've modified an item, please click Save.

9. After saving, go to Salesforce integration page inside Toky and enter the information required. If there are no errors, Toky will start importing Leads and Contacts, names and phone numbers, inside Toky DB. This will allow Toky to create tasks related to Leads and Contacts, and also show the contact information in Toky Dashboard.

Tasks created inside Salesforce will look something like this: \

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