Create call Tasks associated with Leads and Contacts using Salesforce Classic

Before starting, please check:

  • That the Salesforce user creating the integrations is admin or have API access rights.

  • That your Salesforce Edition have the API access enabled. Read more here.

  • That you have enabled the field Type on the Task object in Salesforce. This field is very important to mark de Task as call. To check that you can go to:

    • Classic: Setup | Customize | Task | Activity Custom Fields

    • Lightning: Gear icon | Setup | Object Manager | Task | Field & Relationship

Inside Type you should see something like this, if not edit and create a new value Call:

Last, click on Set Field-Level Security and make sure Visible is checked, as shown below:

Now to start the integration, first create your Consumer Key and Secret

You will need to be logged is as a System Administrator in Salesforce to access these settings.

  1. Click in the top right corner, and choose "Setup" from the menu.

2. In the left-hand navigation, you'll see Build

  • Click "Create"

  • Click "Apps"

  • Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll see "Connected Apps"

  • Click "New."

3. Fill out the the required fields

  • Connected App Name is "toky_app"

  • API Name= toky_app

  • Enter the contact email

4. Click the checkbox to enable OAuth settings.

5. On the next page, under OAuth Settings, you'll see Consumer Key and the option to reveal and get your Consumer Secret.

Please save the consumer key and secret, you will use that later to setup Toky Integration with Salesforce.

6. After saving the consumer key and secret, click Manage button and you will see the next page

On this page, click the Edit Policies button. In the next screen please make sure that

  • Relax IP is selected in Ip Relaxation

  • Refresh token is valid until revoked is selected in Refresh Token Policy. As seen in the next image

  • Click Save.

Note: The Task created in Salesforce use the 'Type' field. This field could be disabled, to enable it please check this guide. The application for Toky Notifications in Salesforce should now be successfully created. Below you can see images of how the integration creates tasks inside Salesforce, in the sales view.

Inside the task you can see more info, also a link to the call or voicemail record in Toky.

You can go to Toky Integrations page and finish the process adding the requested information, like matching Toky Agents with Salesforce Users.

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