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Add an agent with an already existing Toky account
Adding or deleting agents from Toky
Answer calls using Toky
Block a phone number
Buy a phone number from Toky
Call forwarding is not working
Change the greeting audio for live calls
Change your Caller ID
Common issues caused by call forwarding
Configure agents and their groups
Configure the audio messages in your IVR
Configure your headset on Toky
Configure your profile
Connect my Twilio hosted number to Toky
Connection Measurement Tests
Create a power dialer campaign
Display an external phone number as a Caller ID
Download Call recordings using the API Reference
Enable & disable call recording
Enable call forwarding
Enable call recording
Enable permanent call forwarding for an agent
Enabling low credit notifications and credit auto-recharge
Find the phone number of a customer who called my business
Get started with Toky
Get the Call ID link to report a call to customer support
How can I buy testing credit?
How to activate Speech to Text transcription for voicemail
How to assign a phone number to one of your agents
How to bulk-download or export call recordings
How to cancel my Toky account
How to configure the overflow agent group?
How to download the Call Recordings
How to login to Toky
How to make calls from the desktop app
How to make calls from the mobile app
How to port my number to Toky
How to request a call recording transcription?
How to restore Toky Google Chrome extensions that disappear from the Chrome bar
How to test your connection quality and audio settings
How to transfer a call to an agent, group or external phone number?
How to use the Chrome Extension
I'm having issues with the audio on the desktop app for Mac
Import contacts to the phone directory
Install a WhatsApp click to chat link in your website
Install the call widget on your website
Install the desktop app on Mac
Install the desktop app on Windows
Make calls with Toky's web app or business dialer
Make international phone calls
People can't hear me when I talk
Receive fax to email
Send text messages (SMS) using Toky
Set up an integration for the first time
Set up your IVR in Toky
Toky United States 10DLC FAQ
Toky and GDPR
Troubleshooting sound problems
Update the Windows application
Use WhatsApp Business in Toky
Use a Telephone Menu
Use call monitoring and whispering
Use the Chrome Extension
Use voicemail drop with Toky
Use your IVR to forward calls to phone numbers
Viewing your Toky account invoice
What to check if your CRM integration is not working properly
Where can I set working days and hours in Toky?
Whitelist ports in case you are under a Firewall