How to use Toky Data Importer Add-on for Google Sheets

If you use Google Sheets in your daily tasks you could enjoy out Toky Data Importer add-on for Google Sheets. This add-on will help you to import data from your Toky account directly to your Google Sheets, so you can start analyzing your data and generating your own reports and indicators.

1. Installing the add-on

You can go to the G Suit Marketplace and click on the install button

You can also install the add-on directly from any open Google Sheet, just by clickig on Add-ons / Get Add-ons and looking for Toky Data Importer

Next click on the button +Free to install it.

You must allow the add-on the proper permissions:

After installing you will see the Toky Data Importer option menu under the Add-ons menu.

2. Adding your Toky API Key

Click on Import Data

Click on the API Key option in the side bar and paste the Toky API Key. If you don't know how to get your API Key click on this link.

After pasting right API Key and clicking on the Calls data option, the Not configured label will disappear and a message will inform you that the API Key was added. The Add-on won't ask you for the API Key in the future unless you delete it.

3. Importing Data

Important: Toky Data Importer uses Google Apps Script and is limited to the script runtime that it could go from 6 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your Google account type. You can check this and other limits on this link. Try to load few days at a time if you generate many calls or SMS data.

Now you can start importing data from your Toky account. For this you can get:

  • Calls data: You must provide a date range and your current timezone to load the calls data. After clicking on IMPORT a message box will ask you about loading extended fields, these are some calculated fields and makes the importing process slower, so try first if you need this data. If you click in No to the message box the add-on will load the data described in our API.

  • Agents: This option will load your current agent list

  • Contacts: This option will load the contacts registered in Toky's directory.

  • SMS: This option will load SMS messages in a date range.

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