Open AI actions

Take a look at the OpenAI connector for more information and installation instructions.

Generate image from text

This action generates a new image based on a given text prompt or an input image.

Edit image with text

This action creates an edited or extended image from an original image and a text prompt.

You can use this action to create custom images for marketing campaigns. For example, you could use a prompt like "Summer Sale" to generate images with that theme to include in promotional emails or social media posts.

Text moderation

This action classifies a given input text as violating or not violating OpenAI's content policy.

You can use this action to automatically filter out inappropriate or spammy messages. For example, you could use this action to classify comments as positive, negative, or spam, and then take appropriate action based on the classification.

Text completion

Given a prompt, this action returns one or more predicted completions, and can also return the probabilities of alternative tokens at each position.

You can use this action to automate the process of generating a large amount of content, such as product descriptions or social media captions, by providing prompts to the API and letting the model complete the text.

Chat completion

Given a list of messages in a conversation, the model will return one or more predicted completions.

You can automate the process of responding to customer inquiries or support tickets by creating a flow that uses OpenAI to complete chat messages in a conversation. This can help to reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction.

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