A trigger is an event that starts a flow. A trigger can either be an event that occurs within MessageBird or an event that occurs within an external connector.

Trigger types

There are seven types of trigger:

Set up a trigger

Choose your flow trigger and trigger event

  1. On the side panel, click Flows.

  2. In the top right-hand corner, click the New flow button.

  3. Select one of the seven trigger types.

  4. Depending on the trigger you choose, you may need to select a channel instance or a connector to use with the trigger.

  5. Select one of the trigger events. This is the specific event that will cause your flow to run.

  6. Click Save.

Test your trigger

Perform the event that will cause your flow to run, then click Update test data. MessageBird will attempt to find a recent event from your trigger to use in the flow.

For example, if you set up your trigger to run when a new message is sent to your business' WhatsApp number, send a message to that number, then click Update test data.

The information from the message you sent to your business WhatsApp number will be pulled in and displayed in the test window.

The data from your test can be used in actions later on in the setup of your flow.

You can also choose to Skip test.

Once you've set up your trigger, continue to build your flow by adding actions.

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