Channel analytics

Channel analytics and logs are collected and displayed at the channel instance level.

Channel instance overview

The Overview tab provides information about the messages that have been sent over a specific channel instance.

The report displays the number of messages at each stage of the message lifecycle, including successfully sent and delivered messages, and any messages that failed to be sent or delivered.

You can use the pre-set date filters to view data for specific time periods or use the calendar to create a custom time range. This feature allows you to easily track message activity and performance over time.


The Logs tab provides an itemized list of every message sent and received over the channel. This tab is useful for debugging and understanding why messages have failed to be sent.

You can find more information about logs and some troubleshooting tips here.


Under the Settings tab, you can access information about the channel and its configurations. The information displayed in the settings tab will vary depending on the channel type. For example, the WhatsApp settings tab will show the WhatsApp ID registered in Facebook Business Manager, the verified business name, the phone number, and a quality score for the channel.

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