What Happens When I Hit My Beams Plan Limits?

When you reach 95% of your current Beams plan you will begin to receive weekly notices advising you of your usage to ensure you have plenty of notice to upgrade your plan before you hit a hard limit and any notifications are blocked.

When you exceed the number of subscribers in your current plan we will trigger daily email alerts letting know that you are ready to move on to the next Beams tier. You’ll have 7 days from when you first exceed your plan to upgrade and avoid any problems with sending Beams notifications.

If you fail to upgrade before you reach your plan limits you will receive a '402 (payment required)' response code returned for any attempted publishes and notifications will not be delivered to your devices.

Your device registrations and subscriptions will not be prevented, which means there should be no errors presented to your client applications.

For more information about pruning subscribers and keeping control of your device count check out our docs.

If you are ready to level up go to the dashboard to upgrade your Beams plan now. If you are already on a Premium plan you can always speak to our sales team about our supercharged Enterprise plans.

Still have questions? Please reach out to our Support team by visiting this page.

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