What Happens When I Hit My Channels Plan Limits?

Message limits

When you hit event limits you will not be able to publish any more events from your server and any trigger request will return a 403 error stating that you are over quota.

Concurrent Connection limits

When you encounter connection limits your clients will not be able to initiate a connection to Channels. Any attempt to do so will return an error indicating you are over quota.

Limit Alerts

We will send a warning email when either of these limits are near, but have not yet been hit. This is called a soft limit warning, and when you hit 80% of either the event or connection limits we will warn you that you are approaching limits. This is designed to give you time to upgrade to the next plan where appropriate.

When you actually hit your limits we will send another notification. This is called a hard limit and is when we will stop accepting new event or connection requests and will return an error for all such requests.

You can read about how to configure the recipients and delivery method of these notifications at How can I add other contacts to my Channels limit notifications?

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