Why Do My Channels Metrics Graphs and Stats Numbers Show Different Values?

The graphs and stats that you see on the dashboard come from two different services.

  • The first is our long-term stats storage. This is where stats get aggregated and the average value is stored at intervals of five minutes, one hour, one day and one month.

  • The second is our realtime stats service. This stores stats on message and connection numbers for the last 30 minutes, as well as a maximum number of connections for the day and the total number of messages sent in a day.

If you are looking at any stats that are from more than 30 minutes ago then note that these numbers / graphs will be showing the average number of connections over a given time period, not the maximum. In other words, you may have received a limit notification saying that you reached 1100 connections but the graph shows you as only having had 700 connections at that time.

This is because during the given time period, your account's average connection number was 700, but you peaked up to 1100 connections during that time period.

However, also note that the maximum connection number is stored for the whole day, even with the realtime graphs, and any number values you see on the dashboard that show peak connections for the day will be exactly that - peak connections, not averaged connections.

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