One of my agents has left the company

When one of your agents leaves your company, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below we will discuss what steps to take when an agent leaves, and explain what happens to the agent's tickets.

What should I do when an agent has left my company?

As a manager, when an agent has left the company, you need to make sure to delete their Inbox account so they do not have access to the MessageBird Inbox anymore. If you have deleted the email address of the agent within your company, the agent is still able to log in to the MessageBird Inbox using their email and password combination.

To ensure that the agent cannot access the MessageBird Inbox anymore, go to your Inbox Settings and click on 'Agents'. Under 'Edit' in the row next to the agent's name, you can click on the three dots followed by 'Delete' to remove the account.

What happens to tickets assigned to a deleted agent?

Tickets that were previously assigned to a deleted agent will not be deleted from your Inbox overview and managers will still be able to view the interactions.

Because the agent details are deleted, tickets will no longer be assigned to a specific person and you cannot filter on the agent's name. Managers can see the tickets by choosing 'See All' in the Agents section in the filter.

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