Missing HLR results

Requesting an HLR only creates an HLR object

An HLR request like below will not return the HLR status/details of the number (msisdn):

POST <https://rest.messagebird.com/hlr> \\ -H 'Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8M79w0QyM' \\ -d "msisdn=31612345678" \\ -d "reference=YourReference"

Rather the response will be like below:


You'll need to View an HLR to view the details of the msisdn.

If you are missing HLR results, check two things:

  1. With the id for the HLR request, you can retrieve the status/details of the number with a GET request. You only need to supply the unique id that was returned upon creation of the HLR object: GET [<https://rest.messagebird.com/hlr/{hlrId}>](<https://rest.messagebird.com/hlr/%7BhlrId%7D>)

  2. Make sure you have your HLR callback url configured within the API settings in your Dashboard here. The statuses for your HLR requests will be sent in this format:

GET [<http://your-own.url/script?id=e8077d803532c0b5937c639b60216938&msisdn=31612345678&reference=YourReference&status=active&createdDatetime=2016-05-04T07:32:46+00:00&statusDatetime=2016-05-04T07:32:46+00:00>](<http://your-own.url/script?id=e8077d803532c0b5937c639b60216938&msisdn=31612345678&reference=YourReference&status=active&createdDatetime=2016-05-04T07:32:46+00:00&statusDatetime=2016-05-04T07:32:46+00:00>)

Lastly, it is important to note that the HLR results / attributes can change over time and some of them can be null because not all information is available for all countries and providers.

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