I am missing my delivery reports

If you are missing DLRs (SMS delivery status reports), you can check two things:

  1. Did you include the optional parameter reference and a value when sending a message via our SMS API?

    1. Status reports are only provided for SMS messages that have a reference.

    2. Remember the maximum length of the reference parameter is 128 characters

  2. Have you configured your status report url here in your MessageBird Dashboard?

Once both of the conditions above are met, status reports are sent to your platform through a GET request. The requests hold information about the status of a message that you have sent through our API.

Here's an example:

GET [<http://your-own.url/script?id=e8077d803532c0b5937c639b60216938&reference=YouReference123&recipient=31612345678&status=delivered&statusDatetime=2016-05-03T08%3A58%3A10%2B00%3A00>](<http://your-own.url/script?id=e8077d803532c0b5937c639b60216938&reference=YouReference123&recipient=31612345678&status=delivered&statusDatetime=2016-05-03T08%3A58%3A10%2B00%3A00>)

If you are still not receiving delivery reports after checking the points above, please reach out to our Support team via this page with the following information:

  • Destination mobile number (recipient)

  • Timestamp of the message (createdDatetime) including time zone

  • Your MessageBird account email address

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