I did not receive an SMS when trying to claim free test credits

When you first create a MessageBird account with us, we welcome you to claim free test credits to try our platform out!

But I'm not receiving my verification SMS for claiming test credits!

There can be multiple reasons why your verification SMS has not arrived:

  • The handset was unreachable (i.e. out of coverage area)

  • Number is currently roaming

  • Number format is not correct

  • An error or bug in the Application to Person (A2P) SMS connection between the handset and the carrier

What is the difference between A2P (Application to Person) & P2P (Person to Application)?

Please note MessageBird SMS are sent via the application-to-person (A2P) network, whereas regular SMS between end-user phones are sent via the person-to-person (P2P) network.

If a phone is left turned on for too long without restarting it, it can disconnect from the A2P network. It might still be able to receive messages via the P2P network but will not receive any messages via the A2P network. This is why a restart of the device or putting the device on Flight Mode usually resolves the issue, as this will force the phone to reconnect to the A2P network.

Please check the following points before reaching out to us.

  1. Is the recipient number valid, reachable and formatted correctly? To check, add the country prefix, and remove the '+' and the leading 0 from the number. Examples:

    • Dutch number, country prefix(+31): 0612345678, should be entered as 31612345678

    • UK number, country prefix (+44): 0712345678, should be entered as 44712345678

  2. Ensure that your handset is connected to the network: Try restarting your device or putting it on Flight Mode for about 20 seconds before trying to request the verification SMS again.

If none of these steps work, please reach out to us with the following information so that we can help:

  1. The email that is linked to your MessageBird account.

  2. The recipient number you used to claim free test credits

  3. Date and timestamps (including time zone) when the verification SMS was requested

We will be glad to help you claim your free test credits!

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