I cannot add my VAT number

Only customers belonging to the European Union (EU) will be charged applicable VAT.

If you have a valid EU VAT number, you are exempt from paying VAT. You can enter your company registered VAT number to your Workspace here or click on the name of your Workspace in the top right corner and select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu → ‘General Settings’ tab.

One caveat to this is that UK customers that add their VAT number still need to pay VAT. You will receive an invoice from us which will allow you to claim this back.

If you are a customer outside the EU and the UK, you do not need to pay VAT.

Rejected VAT number

If your VAT number has been rejected by our system, please check the validity of your number:

  1. Check the validity of your VAT number using the VIES number validation

  2. Ensure that you have included your country state code within the submitted VAT number. Examples:

    • UK VAT number GB123456789

    • NL VAT number: NL123456789

If this still does not work, please reach out to our Support team via this page with the valid VAT and the error that you've encountered.

Need to change your VAT?

If you have already submitted a valid VAT number to us or selected that you do not have a VAT number, you will not be able to change this on your end. Please reach out to our Support team via this page so that we can set your new VAT number up on your account. We need the following info from you:

  1. Your new VAT number

  2. Your old VAT number

  3. The email address used for your MessageBird account

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