My WhatsApp Business API application is not approved

If your application for a WhatsApp Business account has not been approved, this can be down to a few reasons. Sometimes we see that there is an issue with the details you have submitted, such as your display name. This can be fixed and you will be able to reapply. To make sure everything is in order with your application details, please check the following:

  • Are you using your official company email domain? We advise against using an email for instance

  • Are you applying using your business Facebook account?

  • Is there a clear relationship between your display name and your business? If there is no clear relationship, the applicaiton will likely be rejected. You can check Facebook's guidelines for picking a display name: Facebook page for Display Names

It is also possible that your use case is not supported, in which case your application will not be approved. Please see this article for further information on supported use cases: What are the use cases for WhatsApp Business?

If you are unsure why your application was not approved, or you'd like advice on alternative communication channels, please contact our Support team to get further assistance.

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