My automatic subscription charge was unsuccessful

If the charge for your WhatsApp Business API subscription was unsuccessful you will receive a notification email from us to let you know. You can take the following steps to resolve any potential issues:

  • Take a moment to review your payment details and update your information if necessary

  • Check the details that you have entered with the details that are registered at the bank so that they match what you enter

  • Check if your card supports the currency you are trying to pay in

  • Make sure you have enough balance in your bank account and make sure that the bank has not blocked the transaction

  • Try adding a new payment method, if this is available to you

After checking the above points, you can retry your payment by following the below steps:

  • Head over to your Invoices page.

  • Click Pay now on your unpaid WhatsApp Business API invoice.

  • Once your payment has been received successfully, your invoice status will be updated to ✔ Processed.

If you are still having payment issues, please reach out to our Support team via this page detailing the steps you took.

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