How to see successful authentication metrics via the Verify logs

You can check the status of verifications in your MessageBird Dashboard.

  1. Log in to your MessageBird Dashboard.

  2. Click the Verify icon on the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen, then click Verify Overview.

  3. You’re now viewing the Verify Overview screen. Take a look at the logs to see information about verifications.

Understanding the logs

Logs display the most recent verification first. You can use the filters on the top right-hand side of your screen to narrow down the results. The following filters are available:

  • Search by recipient. This will display exact matches, no partial matches will be shown. Filter by status. Select one of the verification statuses to display logs with that status.

  • Filter by date. We store data for a maximum of 6 months. The available date ranges are the last 7 days, last month, and the last 6 months. You can also filter logs by a custom date range.


This column displays the date that the verification was requested.

Verification ID

This column displays the ID of the Verify object that was created through the request to the Verify API.


This column displays the originator number or email address from which the OTP code is sent. For Email, the domain needs to be registered in MessageBird by creating an Email channel.


This column displays the number or email address that receives the OTP code.


This column displays the channel that has been selected to send the OTP code. This will be either SMS, Voice, or Email.


This column displays the recipient number’s destination country. This won’t be displayed for verifications that are sent via email.


This column displays the status of the verification. One of the following statuses will be displayed:

  • Sent: The request has been accepted by our Verify API platform and the message has been sent to the user.

  • Expired: The OTP token has not been used by the user within the validity period that was set in the timeout parameter.

  • Deleted: The verification request from your platform to our API has been canceled, the code is not valid and can no longer be used.

  • Failed: The user has inserted the wrong code in your platform. The OTP token is different from the one created in the Verify API.

  • Verified: The user has inserted the code correctly and has been verified.

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