Verified Caller IDs

A non-MessageBird number has to be verified in your MessageBird account before it can be used to send outgoing voice calls. Verified numbers can only be used as Caller IDs for your outgoing calls, your incoming calls will still be routed via your existing service provider.

Owned number: MessageBird-hosted number that you can buy via your account and use to send and receive traffic.

Verified number: Non-MessageBird-hosted number that you wish to use as an outbound caller ID. This type has to be verified in your account before it can be used to send traffic,

You can verify your Caller IDs by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Verified CLIs page under the Numbers dashboard within your account, and click Verify a Number.

  2. Enter the number that you wish to verify in international format, and choose your verification method. You can choose either Voice or SMS. [NOTE: Trial accounts can only verify caller IDs via SMS].

  3. You will receive an OTP code that you will need to enter in the following screen. The code expires in 120 seconds. If you don’t receive it within the time limit you can choose to resend the code.

  4. Once you enter the code, your number will be verified and will appear in your list of Verified Caller IDs, with the verification date. You can now send outgoing calls using this number!

  5. To delete a verified caller ID, choose the delete option next to it on your dashboard. You will be asked to confirm this action.

  6. You can search your verified Caller IDs by number or status.

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