Restrictions for SMS Numbers

Our Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMNs) can be used to send and receive text messages and calls. There are however some restrictions in place when using our Numbers. In this article we will discuss the below restrictions relating to our SMS Numbers.

Number capabilities: SMS & Voice

A Number can have different capabilities:

  • SMS enabled

  • Voice enabled

  • SMS and Voice enabled

SMS enabled Numbers are not able to receive Voice calls, and vice versa Voice enabled Numbers are not able to receive SMS. In some countries, we offer Numbers that are both SMS and Voice enabled and can thus receive both SMS and calls. In your Dashboard you can see the capabilities we offer for each country and choose the desired capabilities for your use case.

To check the capability enabled for your purchased Numbers, go to your Dashboard. Click on ‘Numbers’ and in the column ‘Capabilities’ you’ll see the capabilities for each of your Numbers.

Country Specific Restrictions

Some countries have local restrictions when sending SMS with a virtual Number. Please check in our list of Country Restrictions and Regulations if there are any restrictions for you.

International 2-Way messaging

Our SMS Numbers are optimised for local 2-way messaging with a SIM card phone number. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that messages will be received on a VMN if the originating SMS was sent from a number from a different country. Any delivery of these SMS is down to our platform providing best-effort delivery.

Receiving Verification Codes

Our SMS Numbers are designed for two-way communication with a SIM card phone number. The Numbers are not set up for receiving traffic from an application system like the ones that generate verification codes.

Virtual Numbers cannot be to be used to verify user accounts for receiving login codes to verify user account and especially those of financial institutions. This is strictly prohibited and the use of a Number to receive OTP can result in the suspension of the account.

Note that we do allow the verification codes to be sent to a MessageBird Voice Number in order to verify your WhatsApp Business Account with us. For more information please check here: Activating your WhatsApp Channel

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