Voice Number Restrictions

There are a few restrictions that apply when using Numbers, you will find them outlined below.

Subaccount restrictions:

As stated in the "What are the restrictions of a Subaccount" article, subaccounts are unable to purchase their own Numbers. If you wish to add a Number to a subaccount you would have to purchase this in the main account and assign this to the subaccount. This can all be done in the Numbers tab of the Dashboard.

Country Restrictions: Operators in multiple countries have put restrictions in place where more data of our customers are required for the purchase. Some of these numbers can still be purchased through the dashboard, if you wish to purchase a voice number and find that you are unable to do this through the dashboard then please submit a request with us!

Furthermore, there are different restrictions with regards to what is permitted in each country, however, there are no further direct restrictions on our platform.

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