How to get a number for the Verify API

To start sending one-time passwords (OTPs) via SMS or text-to-speech (TTS), you need to own a number.

Number types

MessageBird provides the following types of numbers for Verify:

  • Mobile

  • Local

  • Business Voice

  • Short Codes

  • 10DLC

You can search for and buy numbers directly from your MessageBird Dashboard. Read more about the types of numbers that we provide, and find up-to-date number pricing.

NOTE: Toll-free numbers are normally used for contact center/support use cases. Because of this, country-specific local regulations and restrictions apply to toll-free numbers, making them unsuitable for use with Verify.

How to get a number

There are four ways that you can get a number for use with Verify:

Buying a number from MessageBird

You can purchase a number directly from your MessageBird dashboard.

  1. Log in to your MessageBird Dashboard.

  2. Select the Numbers icon from the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen.

  3. Click on Buy a number.

  4. Select the number that you want to purchase and follow the instructions on your screen.

For more detailed instructions, take a look at our guide to purchasing numbers.

Back-ordering a number from MessageBird

If you’ve tried to purchase a number from your MessageBird Dashboard, but it isn’t available for the destination you need, you can place a request with us to backorder a number for you. Once we’ve received the number from our provider, we’ll automatically add it to your Dashboard.

NOTE: The back-ordering system only applies to Voice numbers.

Requesting a number from our Support team

If the number you need isn’t available on your MessageBird Dashboard, and we can’t back-order it, you can place a request with us. Once we’ve received the number from our provider, we’ll automatically add it to your Dashboard.

Porting a number that you already own

If you already own a number from a different provider, you can contact the Support team with your porting request details to get your number ported to MessageBird.

Number registration

Once you have a number, you’ll need to register it for Verify use. Different destinations have different registration restrictions, processes, and lead times.

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