WhatsApp: Why and how to get your customers to Opt-In?

Opt-in means "to give consent". When a person opts-in on WhatsApp, it means that they consent to receive messages from a business through the platform. Active consent implies that it must be given by a user action, such as manually entering a phone number, starting the conversation with a business, or voluntarily checking a box.

Why it's essential to get your customers' consent before sending them a message? WhatsApp is very demanding with its usage policies. Unwanted advertising is totally prohibited, and messages that companies send without the express consent of users could be subject to severe penalties such as the permanent ban of your account.

WhatsApp requires businesses to comply with this step every time they initiate a new conversation with a customer. Meta has tight privacy and usage policies that state that businesses can only communicate with individuals if they have first provided informed, voluntary and unambiguous consent to receive messages on WhatsApp.

It is very important that you assure your customers that they will not receive unsolicited messages through the application, and that the primary objective of offering WhatsApp as a communication channel is to provide assistance and offer a faster and easier service experience.

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