Topping up balance

How does it work?

MessageBird works on a prepaid balance basis. This means that the balance you top up will be used to pay for any messages sent, numbers purchased, voice calls made and more. In short, it gives you full access to our MessageBird platform.

To get started, you will need to top-up a minimum balance of EUR 15, USD 15 or equivalent in your chosen currency.

How do I top up?

To top up your balance, follow these steps:

  1. At the upper-right corner of your Dashboard, next to your workspace name, you will see a button to ‘Top up’ (if you have bought balance previously) or 'Upgrade' (if you are on test credits.) Otherwise, you can also make your way here.

  2. You will then be redirected to the 'add funds' page. Here, specify how much balance you would like to purchase.

Note: Depending on your location, specific VAT rules will apply and you may need to pay VAT.

If you have a valid VAT number, be sure to add it in the next step, it is also possible to add this to your account within your general settings before topping up your balance.

  1. Click on ‘Checkout details’ to pay.

  1. You will be re-directed to the Checkout details page.

a. Be sure to include your correct company details. These should match your company details configured in your Account Settings along with the details that your bank has on file.

b. You may be required to specify your VAT number.

c. Review your payment, and click ‘Proceed to checkout’ to make your payment.

  1. On the next page, you will be directed to choose your payment method after which you can securely pay your order.

  2. You will then be notified on the next page if you have successfully made your payment, and you will receive an email on the status as well. If your payment has failed, please check our troubleshooting guide on making payments.

  3. You can view all the Invoices related to your account in your invoice overview.

Something to keep in mind:

  • First-time payments can take around 24 hours to process.

Having issues?

If your payment is taking over 24 hours to process, please reach out to our Support team via this page with your Order Number.

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