How can I get my namespace ID?

MessageBird has two onboarding routes for customers to get set up with WhatsApp Business. Depending on which onboarding route you took, you may or may not have access to check your namespace ID yourself. On this page, you can see which onboarding route is applicable based on which steps you took: WhatsApp Business step-by-step onboarding

The classic onboarding route

Your Namespace ID for sending WhatsApp template messages is not visible to you if you took our classic onboarding route. Please contact our Support Team at and ask us for the namespace ID. In the email, please remember to provide your email address that is connected to your MessageBird account, as well as the company name that is being used for your WhatsApp for Business account.

The embedded onboarding route

Within your Facebook Business Manager, you can click on Business Settings in the bottom left corner.

From the left hand menu on the new page, select WhatsApp Accounts under Accounts. From here, you can click on Settings > WhatsApp Manager > Message Templates. On the top of the page you can click on the button Namespace to see your Namespace ID.

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