Getting Started with WhatsApp FAQ's

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp Business API allows medium to large businesses to send large volumes of messages over WhatsApp. You are able to automate business processes and customise your setup. Using the Business API opens up the possibility of integrating with other systems such as customer relationship software. WhatsApp Business API must be used via an official Facebook partner, such as MessageBird.

Which businesses can use the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business solutions can be used by enterprises of all sizes that want to manage conversations with their customers and provide useful information quickly and easily. Generally, the WhatsApp Business App is used by small to medium sized businesses, whereas the WhatsApp Business API is created for medium to large sized businesses. For further information please see this article: WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

Some of the most common use cases are:

  • Alerts for travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts

  • Notifications about orders or deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing

  • Customer support to initiate in-depth conversations

Note that the following business verticals are not allowed on the WhatsApp Business API:

  • Adult content

  • Alcohol

  • Animal sales, including live animals, livestock, or any parts of animals

  • Currency

  • Dating

  • Defense

  • Digital subscription and digital content

  • Drugs or related products

  • Gambling

  • Tobacco

  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives

What does it mean to be a Verified WhatsApp Service Provider?

MessageBird is a verified service provider of the official WhatsApp Business API. Being an official Facebook Partner allows us to offer WhatsApp Business as part of our omni-channel communications platform. The WhatsApp Business API is only available through Verified Service Providers such as MessageBird. To learn more about this partnership, take a look at the Facebook Business Partner Directory here.

How do I start using WhatsApp Business?

Interested in using WhatsApp Business but you don't know where to start?

I do not have a MessageBird account yet

To request access, create a MessageBird free account. Once the account is successfully created, please follow our WhatsApp onboarding step-by-step guide.

I have a MessageBird account

Log in to your MessageBird Dashboard. Click on WhatsApp on the left side and select 'Request Access'. Fill out all of the requested information and click on the 'Submit Application' to finish.

You’ll be able to track the status of your application in the MessageBird Dashboard. Our Support Birds are here to help if you have any questions. For further details, please follow our WhatsApp onboarding step-by-step guide.

How long will it take to receive a WhatsApp for Business account?

To use the business API you must be approved by WhatsApp, this is out of MessageBird’s control. The waiting time for approval is case-specific. You can track the status of your application in the MessageBird Dashboard.

Once approved by WhatsApp, the onboarding process will take a couple of days; this is due to the verification process for numbers and Template Messages required by WhatsApp.

Where do I find my Facebook Business ID?

In order to get your Facebook Business ID you first need to sign up with Facebook Business. When you have a Facebook Business account, you can follow these steps to find your Facebook Business ID:

We also have this quick video to show you where to find the Business ID:

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