Abandoned Cart Recovery onboarding guide

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add the cart re-engagement solution in your MessageBird Dashboard.

Connect your store

Step 1: Go to your MessageBird Dashboard

Go to the MessageBird Dashboard, log in with your MessageBird account, and then go to Solutions on the side navigation. Click cart re-engagement and tap Create Solution.

Step 2: Choose your platform

Select the platform of your store and click Next. For now, only Shopify is available but more are coming soon!

Step 3: Enter your store name

Enter the name of your store (you can find it in the Shopify profile of your store) and tap Next.

Step 4: Add webhooks

Follow the on-screen instructions to add your webhooks—you’ll be guided step by step through this process:

  • Go to the Shopify Webhooks section

    • Go to the Shopify webhook section by following the link in that step. Ready? Mark this step as Done.

  • Webhook: Checkout Creation

    • Follow the step by step instructions for the checkout creation webhook. Complete each step and tap Done when you’re finished.

Need extra help? These articles will guide you through managing your Shopify webhooks.

Step 5: Specify your audience

We’re almost there! It’s time to set up the conditions that will trigger your webhooks. This means that the workflow will be triggered by an abandoned cart that meets the specific conditions that you set in this step. You can choose one of the template conditions or create your own by clicking + Add a condition.

Adding specific conditions will help you target a specific audience and personalize your message for them. This will facilitate a higher conversion rate and a higher value of recovered carts.

Learn more about custom conditions with our help center guide.

Step 6: Customize your message

This step allows you to customize the message that will be sent to your customers, which is crucial for recovering your abandoned carts—the pre-filled message will give you a nice head start.

You’ll notice that the cart recovery link has been automatically added to your message. If you want to offer a discount, simply turn on the option on the right side of your screen—the discount code will be automatically incorporated in the cart recovery link, just make sure your discount matches the one set up on your Shopify platform.

Keep your message short and snappy—if you choose SMS as the channel for your message, consider that it has a 160 character limit.

Ready? Tap Done to preview your message.

Step 7: Test the solution

You can test your abandoned cart message and save it as a draft to edit it later. Once you click save and launch, your cart abandonment message will be sent as soon as the webhooks are triggered.

And that’s it! Your Abandoned Cart Recovery Solution is now live 🎉Make sure to check out Insights to access the conversion funnel data.

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