Deleting your account

Looking to delete your Account?

Account deletion is permanent and irreversible. The multi-step process ensures you are not deleting your account by mistake.

What is the difference between deleting an account and deleting a workspace?

Once you sign up with MessageBird, an account is created. Each account automatically contains one workspace and more can be added if needed. Deleting your account will result in you no longer having access to the entire MessageBird platform.

Note: To fully delete your MessageBird Account, you must not be connected to any workspaces

The workspace is the place where you can do all things MessageBird - sending SMS, creating Flows in Flow Builder, handling voice calls and setting up conversations channels. You can be the owner of multiple workspaces and it is possible to delete a workspace without deleting your account. Doing so will irreversibly delete all the data we might be holding related to your workspace.

Note: Deleting a workspace is only possible if you are the owner.

Don’t want to delete your workspace, but would like to transfer workspace ownership instead? Check out How to change ownership of your workspace.

How do I delete my account?

For a step-by-step guide on how to delete your account and your workspaces, please take a look at this article here: Deleting an Account and Workspace.

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