Mandatory 2FA Authentication for new and existing users

In order to ensure account security for our users, we’ve proactively enabled mandatory 2FA authentication. This is a necessary step in the current digital landscape, where fraudulent access attempts are increasingly frequent. As a response, we’ve implemented measures to protect your account.

We’re in the process of rolling out a 2FA verification process for all of our users via the workspace’s main e-mail address. This means that you’ll be prompted to enter a code we’ve sent to your e-mail address whenever you log into MessageBird. You can switch the 2FA verification to SMS instead in your Security settings.

In case you’re using a shared login and the 2FA code is being sent to an e-mail address you don’t have direct access to, we recommend for the owner to add you as an administrator to the workspace you’re using. If this is not an option, we advise using a group access e-mail address (like Google Groups for example).

If you’re having trouble receiving the 2FA verification code, please reach out to our Support team.

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