Number types

Our Numbers API allows for programmatic phone number buying, which in turn can be used for both Voice and SMS. You can purchase a number here!

MessageBird offers a selection of number types. The type of number that's right for you will depend on your specific use case. Take a look at the number types that we offer:


A cellular or mobile phone number. These numbers support both SMS and Voice.

Check availability and country-specific conditions.


A traditional fixed-line phone number. Local numbers can be used for inbound calling, for example to a Contact Centre OR they can be presented on an outbound call as the Caller I.D.

Check availability and country-specific conditions.


Toll-free or “freephone” numbers where no charges are applied to the caller.

Business Voice

Fixed-line telephone numbers suited for replacing hard / fixed-line phone systems, meeting regulatory and emergency services requirements.

Short Codes

Short numbers for sending SMS only.


10 digit long codes for sending Bulk SMS in the US.

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