Troubleshooting sound problems

Summary: Toky needs to be allowed to use the microphone, send notifications and emit sounds:

Please make sure you have this allowed in your browser before moving forward with the article.


From time to time, our customers complain of not being able to hear the other side, or be heard by the other side. This problem is usually related to the browser not being able to connect to your microphone or speaker, or it is connecting to the wrong one when you are using external headsets/mics.

The solution is oftentimes easy, and we have gathered a checklist below:

1. Confirm it's a mic/speaker problem by calling to our echo test: you should be able to hear your own voice, indicating that both your mic and your speaker are working fine with Toky.

2. Make sure you have configured the right device on your Audio Settings.

3. If the previous test fails, restart your browser and do the test again.

4. If it's still not working, check if Chrome is selecting the right microphone by clicking on the camera button located in the address bar (where the web site address goes). Try switching between items until you detect which microphone is the correct one.

5. Is the microphone muted? Check the volume, or if the hardware mute switch is on. 6. Try restarting your computer. We have detected that some external headsets (generally on Windows) corrupt the system and only a restart fixes it.

7. If nothing of the above works, please contact Toky support so we can help you fix the issue.

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