How to assign a phone number to one of your agents

You can restrict an agent or group to only access certain numbers, making them able to receive and make calls only with the numbers they have access to.

First, we can set the inbound flow (incoming calls) by following the steps:

1. Go to the IVR menu under Telephony:

2. There, select the IVR linked to the number you will like to assign to the agent or group by clicking the pencil icon next to the IVR:

3. The IVR settings will show up and you can see the Number assigned to it, this means that the IVR will handle every single inbound call to this number, simply select the default option to send the call to either an agent or group and hit Save Changes, You'll get a confirmation message:

Now that the inbound part is done, we can proceed with the outbound part.

1. Go to the Phone Numbers section under Telephony:

2. There, select the number you'd like to restrict your agents to by clicking on the Edit button, which is a pencil icon or the word "Edit" depending on the view of numbers you have:

3. After hitting the Edit button (or pencil icon) this window will show up, simply navigate to the Agents Restrictions to select the agents by enabling the toggle:

4. After that, hit Save Changes and you'll get a confirmation message:

Now your agent will make and receive calls only with the assigned numbers.

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