Use call monitoring and whispering

You must have call monitoring and whispering permissions to execute these actions.

To start monitoring a call you must follow these steps:

  • In the dashboard or call history option, when you see an active call, you can click on the button Monitor Call. This option will only be available if you have monitoring permissions and only with phone calls; live calls can't be monitored as they are encrypted.

  • You can also open the Call Details window and click on the button Monitor Call

  • You will see a call window in monitoring mode and you can start listening to the conversation. You can click on Whisper if you want to say something to your agent, the customer won't hear anything. You can also click on Leave Call to stop monitoring.

  • The agent will see that his call is being monitored and also will see if the agent monitoring the call enables the Whisper option. This notification can be disabled, learn how.

  • An admin user with Call Monitoring permission can open any active call details and see who is monitoring that call.

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