How to restore Toky Google Chrome extensions that disappear from the Chrome bar

Toky has two Chrome extensions that helps you get the most out of our phone system:

  • Call Extension: Used for receiving and making calls, and sending SMS when you have a phone number enabled.

  • Click to Call: Used to make phone calls from CRMs integrated with Toky.

When they are installed and enabled, the icons are visible next to the address bar.

Sometimes you stop seeing extension icons, possibly after updating Google Chrome or installing other Chrome extensions. You can try the following alternatives for recovering the icons:

Check if they are not hidden from the Chrome Menu

Click on the three dots icon next to the address bar and check if the extension icons are there.

If they are, right click on each one and select the Show in toolbar option.

Check if the extensions are not enabled

Go to the Extension section on Google Chrome as seen in the following image:

In the Extensions section search for Toky. It they're installed, you will see the extensions below. Check if they are enabled. If not, click the enable switch in the corner.

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