Create a power dialer campaign

Learn how to use the power dialer to make more calls per day using this step by step guide:

  • Click on the Power Dialer in the Toky menu

  • Click on New Campaign

  • Assign a campaign's name and click on Save Changes

  • Validate the Assignee This will be the agent who will run the power dialer campaign. By default the campaign creator will be the assignee, but Administrators can click on Edit assignee to change the agent.

  • Select the caller ID, this will be the phone number used to make the phone calls. To select one of your available phone numbers click on Edit Caller ID.

  • Then select one of your phone numbers by clicking on the plus sign, and then click on Save Changes.

  • Set the wrap up time, this is the amount of seconds that the power dialer will wait between each call. You can use this time to do your after call work, or prepare the next call. If you want to change the suggested time click on Edit wrap up time.

  • Prepare a CSV field with the customers or leads to call in the campaign. This CSV file must have the following fields separated by comma: Name, Phone Number, Email, Company. The first row must have the field names.

  • Define the campaign recipients, this will be the list of leads or customers to call. Click on Add Recipients and upload the CSV file.

Check this CSV file as an example

  • Map the loaded data with the corresponding campaign fields.

  • Click on the Submit file button

  • If you want to remove contacts from the list, click on the delete button. If you want to add recipients, click on Add Recipients and upload the file, new records will be appended to the current list.

  • To run the campaign click on the Campaign Progress tab and next click on the Start Campaign button.

  • After starting a campaign, you can pause it or stop it any time. You can also see a timer with the wrap up defined.

  • You can see the progress of your current campaign on the Campaign progress tab.

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