Install a WhatsApp click to chat link in your website

The below links are available:

  • <whatsapp_number>: <whatsapp_number> is the phone number assigned to WhatsApp Business. The number must be in international format, without zeros, spaces or symbols. For example you can start a conversation with Toky by clicking this link

  •<whatsapp_number>/?text= <default_message>: In this example, besides using the phone number, you can replace <default_message> with a suggested message for the customer. For example, if you click on this link, a conversation with Toky will open and the message "Hello Toky" will be suggested: Toky

These links can be used in several cases to get your customers to start conversations with your business:

  • Click to chat button on your website: You can add a link to your website wherever you want, or you can add a more attractive click to chat button that invites the user to start a WhatsApp conversation. Learn how to easily add a button to your website with this article.

  • Call to action in email marketing campaigns: Many of your customers can see your email campaigns on their mobile devices, so you can add a call to action that starts a conversation with a WhatsApp link.

  • SMS Marketing Campaigns: If you have the necessary authorization to send text messages to your customers, you can send massive SMS messages that include your promotional message and the WhatsApp link. You can use shorteners like Bitly to send the link with fewer characters.

Learn how to send SMS messages with Toky in this article and If you need to send SMS messages to a customer list, you can use Toky Bulk SMS Sender and send your personalized messages from Google Sheets.

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