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Configure your headset on Toky

Below we will describe how to configure Toky to use your connected headset for making and receiving calls.
  • Go to the Audio Settings on the web app.
  • A list of available devices should become available. Look for the brand of your headset and select it.
In this example, we are using Logitech:
  • Make sure you select the same headset to be used as microphone and speaker.
  • If you don't see yours, close the browser, unplug it and plug it back, open the browser and repeat the steps above.
  • Save and Close and your new headset will be used the next time you call.
Note 1: if the headset is not connected while you receive or make a call, Toky will use the built-in microphone and speaker instead.
Note 2: if you're encountering audio issues, please check this tutorial.