How to test your connection quality and audio settings

Here you have a guide on how to test your connection quality in order to report it to the support team:

Check the connection

1. A reason for the call quality to be degraded is the connection. Even if you have a good internet connection sometimes the use and all the devices connected to the same network can cause some of the devices not to obtain the required bandwidth for the calls using the Toky Apps.

In order to optimize this there are some changes we can work on regarding the routes and providers for your team to have the best quality possible.

If you still note issues after configuring the headset for the calls. You can check the following test for connection and latency.

click here for the test

After you have all the results. You can copy the complete results and send it to with the subject (agent email) Test Results.

If you note that the quality for your calls are being degraded there are other things we can help you check.


2. A really common issue related to the quality of the calls can be the headset configuration.

Please make sure the audio output/input are both configured in the right headset. You can install the Desktop App and make sure you have it configured in this way,

Check the guide for Mac and Windows if you have any other questions.

After you finish the call. You can see the status and more information in the call history. Check the Connection Quality and the Call Audio.

Click on the arrow in order to see the call details as follows.

If the connection is Unstable or Poor. We can help you with the connection tests.

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