Change the greeting audio for live calls

This process only applies for changing audios for live calls from the Toky widget or call links

Toky supports 3 languages natively, English, Spanish and Portuguese. We have professionally prerecorded audios for these 3 languages that you may use if you like the generic scripts we used, but otherwise, you can record or upload your own.

Understanding the greetings

  • Greeting: is the audio that is played when someone calls to your business. It's usually related to greeting the caller and letting them know where they called.

  • Voicemail: is played when someone calls outside of business days/hours, or if you hang up the call on the caller.

Changing audios

To change any of the preconfigured audios, you need to go to Greeting Audios and select the one you want to change. Each of them can be changed exactly the same way, so we are going to explain to most common one, the greeting audio.

Select Edit and you will see a modal window popping up. In here you can choose to the language you'll be manipulating (1), the option to upload a prerecorded file in WAVE format (2), or a button to record it yourself directly from the website (3).

Let's say we want to upload my custom greeting for Spanish callers, for that, we need an audio file in WAVE format (.wav file):

  1. We click on Browse and we choose the file.

  2. We Save the changes and wait for the file to be uploaded

Finally, we wait up to 1 minute for the file to be processed, and then we try calling to hear it live in the phone system

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